120X12mm PS Wall Panel
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120X12mm PS Wall Panel

PS Wall Panel
PS Wall Panel is a wall panel made of polystyrene (Polystyrene, abbreviated as PS), which is widely popular for its lightweight, high strength, and multi-functionality. PS Wall Panel is made by advanced manufacturing technology, which compresses polystyrene material into high density to form a wall decoration material with excellent performance. It not only has excellent aesthetic effects, but also provides a variety of practical functions, and is widely used for wall decoration in residential, commercial, and public places.

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Brand Name DBDMC
Product Name 120X12mm PS Wall Panel
Material 95% polystyrene and 5% additive
Style Modern
Size 120X12mm Customizable
Color White, Grey, Black, Wooden, Support Customization
Usage Indoor, Interior Wall Decor Materials
Installation Fix to the wall with firmware and adhesive
Feature Eco-Friendly, Moisture-Proof, Anti-Static, Sound-Absorbing, Mould-Proof, Waterproof, Fireproof, Soundproof, Smoke-Proof, Heat Insulation
Certification SGS,CE,UL,ISO
Warranty More Than 5 Years


Q12303-3 Q12303-4


Q12301-1 Q12301-2
Q12303-3 Q12303-4 Q12303-5 Q12301-1 Q12301-2

Q12301-3 Q12301-4 Q12301-5 Q12303-1 Q12303-2
Q12301-3 Q12301-4 Q12301-5 Q12303-1 Q12303-3



DBDMC PS Wall Panel are waterproof, moisture-proof, and corrosion-resistant. It can be used for a long time, even in humid climates.

Flame Retardant

DBDMC PS Wall Panel is non-combustible, fire rating B1, which will let the fire extinguish itself and will not produce toxic gases, thermal insulation and heat insulation.




DBDMC PS Wall Panel has thickened film paper, no scratches left when bumped. It does no deformation and anti-scratch.


DBDMC PS Wall Panel are made of wood-Plastic Composite Environmental Material. This product is termite prevention, formaldehyde free, environmental protection standard E0.


 Easy Cleaning

DBDMC PS Wall Panel are easy to clean, simply wipe it by wet cloth, it will clean as new; easy to scrub, no worry for children scribbling.

 Colorful Diversity

DBDMC PS Wall Panel come in various colors support free customization of colors. The color of the wall panels is stable, this product will not color-fade when exposed to direct sunlight, it can be used in balcony ceiling or ceiling in outdoor eaves.



Diverse Shapes

DBDMC PVC PS Wall Panel comes in multiple choices and styles. And you can DIY the color.

PS Wall Panel is lightweight, making it easier to transport and install. Despite its light weight, the panel is still highly strong and rigid due to its high-density compression molding technology, which allows it to withstand certain external forces and pressure without deforming. The polyurethane material itself has excellent thermal insulation properties, effectively blocking the transfer of indoor and outdoor temperatures and maintaining the stability of indoor temperature. This makes PS Wall Panel an ideal energy-saving material, especially suitable for buildings that require insulation and heat preservation. PS Wall Panel is made of environmentally friendly materials and does not contain harmful substances such as formaldehyde, which meets international environmental standards and is harmless to human health. This makes it a healthy and safe wall decoration material, helping to create a healthy indoor environment. A variety of colors, textures, and patterns are available, allowing for the simulation of wood grain, stone texture, brick texture, and other natural material effects, meeting the individualized needs and decorative styles of different consumers. Whether it's a modern minimalist style, a European classical style, or a rural countryside style, suitable decorative effects can be found.

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