WPC Bamboo Charcoal Wall Panel
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WPC Bamboo Charcoal Wall Panel

The surface of the carbon crystal wall panel is treated with a special process, giving it a unique luster and texture, which can add a noble and elegant atmosphere to indoor decoration. The surface of the wall panel is smooth and not easily contaminated with dust, making it very convenient to clean.
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Brand   Name DBDMC
Product Name WPC Bamboo Charcoal Wall Panel
Material 60% Wood Powder Plus 30% Plastic Plus 10% HDPE
Style Victorian
Size 1220*2440*5mm、1220*2440*8mm customizable
Color White, Grey, Black, Wooden,   Support Customization
Usage Indoor, Interior Wall Decor   Materials
Installation Glued Or Nailed On The Wall
Feature Eco-Friendly, Moisture-Proof, Anti-Static, Sound-Absorbing, Mould-Proof,   Waterproof, Fireproof, Soundproof, Smoke-Proof, Heat Insulation
Certification SGS,CE,UL,ISO
Warranty More Than 5 Years

ML-47 ML-48 ML-49 ML-50 ML-51

ML-52 ML-53 ML-54 ML-55 ML-56


DBDMC WPC Bamboo Charcoal Wall Panel are waterproof, moisture-proof, and corrosion-resistant. It can be used for a long time, even in humid climates.

 Flame Retardant

DBDMC WPC Bamboo Charcoal Wall Panel is non-combustible, fire rating B1, which will let the fire extinguish itself and will not produce toxic gases, thermal insulation and heat insulation.


DBDMC WPC Bamboo Charcoal Wall Panel has thickened film paper, no scratches left when bumped. It does no deformation and anti-scratch.


DBDMC WPC Bamboo Charcoal Wall Panel are made of wood-Plastic Composite Environmental Material. This product is termite prevention, formaldehyde free, environmental protection standard E0.

 Easy Cleaning

DBDMC WPC Bamboo Charcoal Wall Panel are easy to clean, simply wipe it by wet cloth, it will clean as new; easy to scrub, no worry for children scribbling.

 Colorful Diversity

DBDMC WPC Bamboo Charcoal Wall Panel come in various colors support free customization of colors. The color of the wall panels is stable, this product will not color-fade when exposed to direct sunlight, it can be used in balcony ceiling or ceiling in outdoor eaves.

 Diverse Shapes

DBDMC WPC Bamboo Charcoal Wall Panel comes in multiple choices and styles. And you can DIY the color.

This cladding can be installed by buckle style and can make slot on the back to bent it, so it not only can be applied on the plate wall, but also curve wall or column.

It works great for lots of customer scenario and requirements. You can install it on the wall or ceiling or outdoor eaves.

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