Experience of Using Spc Floor
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Experience of Using Spc Floor

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Experience of Using Spc Floor

The tiles in the newly decorated house feel cold, and I want to change the floor. Later, Browsed the website of Demax watched the stone plastic floor, and immediately took action,And asked the supplier for samples.

I was very satisfied with the overall effect. I shared my experience in using it. I hope it can help those who want to change the floor.

1. The pavement area is about 62 square meters, and the actual area is 65 square meters smaller. The seller suggested buying 5% more, because cutting will cause wear and tear. Personally, if there are too many corners, you can buy more in case of insufficient and trouble! The seller also gave me a patient and meticulous calculation of the area. I didn't have to worry about buying more and buying less. I just measured carefully.

2. It is not recommended to pave by yourself. Although some people say that you can do it by yourself, it is difficult to do it perfectly in the cutting place. Professional technicians can assemble it more easily and efficiently. The installation fee is 12 yuan per square meter, and the price is beautiful.However, the disabled and those students who don't want to waste time suggest to find a master to pave the shop. T experienced master will help you calculate the quantity according to your quantity, and try to avoid too many leftovers.

Install the prepared things by yourself:

(1) Straight edge

(2) Art knife (can be broken after cutting)

(3) Rubber hammer

How to install:

(1) The ground shall be cleaned, free of foreign matters and flat.

(2) Left about 5-8mm expansion joint along the wall edge

(3) With the first floor as the benchmark, align the lock catch to install the second one, lift it by about 30 degrees, and then insert it, knock it with a rubber hammer to make way for the ground. Plate seamless

(4) When cutting to the edge, draw a dimension line on the floor as a mark, and the artist can cut to the alignment line, which can be broken with a little force

Edge trimming: After consulting with the master, if the space is large, the edge needs to be closed.

3.Generally, there are two types of stone plastic floor, including mute pad and non mute pad, and moisture-proof membrane is not needed if the mute pad is included. However, it will cost a few yuan per square meter to include a mute pad. I think the moisture-proof film is enough, so I chose a 4mm non mute pad

4.Another important issue is the delivery of goods. The stone plastic floor is really heavy. Generally, a woman doctor can't carry one bag, while a man can only carry one bag. It may be very hard.

5.Use feeling: simple wind, good color and warm. Installed on the same day, checked in on the same day, satisfied with the taste. The vacuum cleaner and mop shall be cleaned normally and not easy to seep!It's very comfortable to step on it barefoot. It's very gentle. It’s will not be like the tiles are too cold and the temperature is just right. Aesthetically, it really makes the houseIt is much more gentle, not as cold as tiles or floor leather of It is easy to clean and take care of. It is impermeable and dries quickly.Spc click flooding experience: very satisfied.

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