Something about The Homogeneous Floor
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Something about The Homogeneous Floor

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Something about The Homogeneous Floor

Homogeneous vinyl flooring is a very popular product on market nowadays, people also like to call it homogeneous roll, PVC vinyl roll, vinyl sheeting, vinyl flooring, etc.

it is widely used in hospitals, airports, labs, libraries, office buildings,restaurants ,schools, etc.

It is compacted and homogeneous in structure, same and uniform from outside to inside.

Also, it is with special PUR maintenance treatment on surface, so anti iodine, antibacterial, and other pollution,very proper for hospital and pharmaceutial factory's use.

Also, it has excellent scratch resistance and wear resistance, has great strength and flexibility, is very durable, can be used for 15-20 years, and no damage.

Why homogeneous vinyl floor so popular on market?

Because it has so many advantages:

1. Waterproof

2.Super strong wear resistant

3.Anti scratch


5.Anti slip

6.A Variaty of patterns,colors and styles

How will homogeneous floor look like after installation?

So many popular colors and styles to choose, I am sure that you can find one color that you like very much.

Homogeneous flooring, a really very wonderful product !!!

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