Why Choose Vinyl Floor?
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Why Choose Vinyl Floor?

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Why Choose Vinyl Floor?

Vinyl flooring has become more and more popular in market.Except the advantages like good dimension stability, high peel strength, little noise when walking on, no warping, no distortion, 100% waterproof, heat and sound insulation, no harmful emission,here also some factors can show that why so many customers choose vinyl flooring.

I.Healthy Flooring

It is important to have formaldehyde-free, phthalates-free and heavy metals-free flooring indoor. People care about their indoor environment and even intend to create a biophilic outdoor space.

Our vinyl flooring has passed CE and SGS test,really can bring you a healthy indoor air and a safe haven. Just take a deep breath and enjoy life with nature and explore more possibilities.

II.Easy Maintenance

With so much traffic on the floor and all the mess that happened especially have little baby in our families, vinyl flooring has to be easy maintenance.

Vinyl flooring really with excellent stain-resistance performance will save you a lot of time and effort. Easy to tackle everything that life throws at it.

III.Feet sensation

Vinyl flooring belongs to resilience material. Compared with tiles, it is comfortable and soft, and its thermal insulation property is also better.Meanwhile, its resilience is better than tiles, without cold feeling and with good feet feeling.

IV.Real Beauty Color

Besides all the well-known advantages, real wood beauty is the spotlight.

Vinyl flooring can made in many wood species like White Oak, Grey Oak, European Oak, Russian Oak, Teak, Black Walnut, Birch and Hickory. And we have hand scrape, EIR,wood tick,deep embossed texture surface to underscore the organic appearance and elevate the space. It gives consumers an alternative to the expensive wood floor and provides consumers real beauty that will increase in value over time.

V.Easy Installation

Vinyl flooring can be fast installed and without any cement mortar. If the ground condition is well, you can pave the SPC flooring directly. It can be used just 24 hours later. If the ground condition is not so good, you just need to pave its cement self-flow level well to ensure the highest and lowest D-value within 2mm.

VI.Multi-use Environment

The flooring must be able to handle all the accidents that may happen except for stains. And it should be able to be installed in the various functional areas.

Vinyl flooring with waterproof, moisture-proof, sound absorption and anti-slip attributes can guarantee more diverse applications such as for play area, reading area, learning space, exercise space, etc

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